8 DГ©cor Trends That Are on the Way Out (and What to Replace Them With)

As with fashion, when it comes to home dГ©cor trends, one day you're in and the next, you're out. WhileВ we don't subscribe to every trendВ that finds its way into our favorite home dГ©cor stores, we were curious to know which fleeting designs it might be time to retire this fall. In order to investigate the dГ©cor trends on their way out, we tapped Hompolish interior designers Tali RothВ and Crystal SinclairВ for their expert opinions. Ahead, they're sharing theВ styles they predict are about to pass their expiration date, along with theВ latest dГ©cor trendsВ you can expect to see replacing them.

If you're thinking out with the old, in with the new, consider this your ultimate home refresh to-do list. Say goodbye to oversaturated styles, tired colors, and stale textures and welcome these eight dГ©cor trends you can experiment with instead. Think one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, rich jewel tones, and cozy Mediterranean vibes. Here's the latest in home dГ©cor trendcasting.В

On Its Way Out: Minimalism

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

"Minimalism will never really be 'out'-some people are just minimalists-but I think many people were just using this aesthetic because it was trendy," explains Roth. Unless you truly enjoy a sparse livingВ space with a focus on subtle details, it may be time to embraceВ cozier design styles. "I think people are taking a break from minimalism and instead will be adding a lot of personality and warmth into their spaces going forward," continues Roth.В

Instead try: Vintage. Vintage dГ©cor is the perfect way to instantly add a unique vibe to your home. Shop online retailers likeВ Chairish andВ 1stDibs to get the look or spend your weekend perusing local flea markets and thrift stores.В

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On Its Way Out: Super-Light Wood

Alyssa Rosenheck DESIGN: Sean Anderson

"Wood is one of those funny cyclical trends that really comes in and out," Roth says."For the past five to seven years, we have seen a lot of bleached wood tones, and I think we are moving away from that." From the floorboards to accent furniture, the type of wood finishes you incorporate into your home play more of a role in the overall aesthetic of the space than you may think. Just like any other dГ©cor detail, it's worth upgrading over time.В

Instead try: French oak. If you're ready for a change, Roth predicts more mid-tone woods will soon beВ all the rage. This warmer hue will completely change up your home dГ©cor.

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On Its Way Out: Pastel

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Sinclair names pastel colors as one trend you should say goodbye to this year. "While people are still excited to incorporate color into their dГ©cor, they are gravitating toward more mature palettes," she says. Richer color palettes in luxurious textures like velvet are a sure way to bring an air of sophistication into your home.

Instead try:В Jewel tones. Think deep shades of blue, green, purple, and burnt orange.В The right hues and textures will make any space look far more expensive than it might be.

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On Its Way Out: Moroccan Rugs

Alyssa Rosenheck DESIGN: Jennifer Robin

Moroccan rugs are everywhere, Sinclair tells me. You've likely come across at leastВ one ivory wool-woven rug with that signature zig-zag design with fringed edges. While they've been trending for a few seasons,В Sinclair thinks they're on their way out.В

Instead try: Persian rugs. Forgo the simplistic designs of Moroccan rugs for the more intricate pattern work of a Persian-inspired floor piece. It will quickly become the statement item in any room.

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On Its Way Out: Millennial Pink

BHDM Design

"I think we have exhausted the Millennial Pink trend to death," Roth says. The trendy color has quickly found it's way onto accent chairs, rugs, headboards, and just about any piece of home dГ©cor you can think of. However, there are alternatives to the poppy color that you can incorporate in your home dГ©cor.

Instead try:В Lavender, duck egg, and rust. Roth suggests incorporating these up-and-coming hues in your home to add a pop of colorВ in a way that's new, fresh, and entirely on trend.

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On Its Way Out: Гњber-Modern Design

Katie Martinez Design

According to Sinclair, Гјber-modern designs are on their way out. Similar to minimalism, highly modern, sleek designs and taking a turn in favor of more comfortable, inviting designs. "People are ready to incorporate more textures, patterns, and warmth in their home," she says.

Instead try:В Warmer, Mediterranean vibes. Get the look by adding a cozy rug, a rustic table runner, or stonework to a space. Layered, textured details will make all the difference.

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On Its Way Out: White Interiors

Liljencrantz Design

While everyone loves a good crisp,В white room to invite a bit of light inside, this is one trend that may be on its way out. "White can be so bright and airy, but also a bit boring," Sinclair says. Based on her experience, she believes the latest dГ©cor trends will focus more on darker tones.

Instead try:В Greige. Sinclair predicts darker shades of paint likeВ greige will soon be all the rage. We've already seen the unique neutral shade of paint emerge as a trend over the past few years, so if you haven't yet experimented with the gray and beige hue, now's the time.

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On Its Way Out: Brass

Space Exploration

For a while, it seemed as though brass would never go out of style, but Roth predicts that the metallic material will soon be a thing of the past. "I think brass is on its way out," she says. "Too much of anything is no good, and I think we all overdid it." Although she admits she'll always love brass, she suggests using it sparingly and turning to alternative metallics as a replacement.

Instead try:В Nickel and distressed silver. Once trends of the past, Roth thinks a comeback for nickel and silver is in order. Get the look by sourcing accent pieces like pendant lighting and mirrors with hints of silver and nickel.

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