7 Interior Designers Share Their Lighting Ideas and Tips

TheВ lighting you choose can transform your home, for better or for worse. And since it's always preferable to land on the former-especially because lighting has such aВ direct impact on mood and energy-we reached out to seven interior designers and influencers toВ find out some of their tricksВ and tips for choosing the right fixtures for different types of spaces. As expected, they had plenty of savvy style wisdom. Read through their ideas and see how theyВ flatter their interiors with bright, chicВ light fixtures in every room of the house.В

Make a Statement

James Tiffany

With high ceilings and an open floor plan, this space is destined for a statement-making light fixture.В DesignerВ Erica Reitman picked this one "because I wanted a large, open-feeling fixture for our space. We have a tiny little house (750 square feet), and I needed something that would make a statement, but also not feel too overwhelming for the room," she tells us. The gold finish also dresses up the white exposed beams for a more refined touch.В

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Traditional Meets Contemporary

Picture Perfect House

This master bathroom strikes the perfect balance between modern and timeless. The bright, cheerful rug and medallion tiles warm things up a bit while the lighting feels more conservative and traditional. DesignersВ Amy Storm and Lisa Abeln tells us they selected this lighting "because of their timeless design and outstanding quality. We believe that lighting is one of the most important pieces of our design and we love to use statement pieces. The soft scallops on the pendant complemented the curve on the sconce and tied the two lights together beautifully with the gentle pattern on the floor."В

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A Touch of High-Shine

Adam Macchia

Here's another great example of a space that balances tradition with forward-thinking design. The key is to stay true to the architectural roots of the home while adding in accents that feel modern and fresh. And lighting is the perfect chance to do that. For example, "In this pre-war NYC apartment, we were looking for an update without abandoning the bones of the space," BDHMВ Design tells us. "To accomplish this, we refaced the fireplace and flanked it with these prismatic sconces from Troy Lighting. They add just the right mix of tailored masculinity and modernity, and helped us underline a more Gotham-esque vibe for this Manhattan-based client."

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Think About Contrast

Anissa Zajac

Though they stuck to a strictly neutral color palate, there's plenty of intrigue and dimension in this living room because of all the interesting textures and contrasting materials. "With white walls, light floors, and linen furniture, I knew the black iron would add necessary contrast to the space. I love how it pairs well with the all of the natural elements in the room while adding drama and depth," says Anissa Zajac,В CEO and lead designer of House Seven Design.В

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Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New

Tracey Jazmin

While cohesion is an important ingredient to designing consistent, thoughtful spaces, don't be afraid to try something new. This bathroom is the perfect example. AsВ Kristina Lynne tells, "I chose the District pendant from Troy Lighting for this bathroom because it was sleek and sexy. With the majority of the space being light and bright, I wanted something that would contrast well and grab people's attention. I love this pendant because it is simple and clean in design but the glass shade sets it apart."

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Create a Vignette


When styling smaller spaces like a console table in the entryway or living room, theВ rightВ table lamp can really elevate the entire space, especially if it tells a story. Think about the message you are trying to get across, and go from there. For example, Lea Johnson ofВ Creekwoodhill tells us she "chose the Mitzi Mia lamp not only for the obvious-its aesthetic, form and function-but because of its sculptural beauty to me symbolized balance. And who doesn't covet a little more balance in their life?"

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Play With Proportion

Photo by Monica Wang Photography

Even the small details can make a stylish statement. For example, this "pendant has a classic industrial vibe that's been given an elegant update with a gorgeous slate blue finish,"В Anne Sage tells us. But its real edge is the proportion play that feels both sophisticated and whimsical. "I love the cheeky twist on tradition provided by the oversize bulb," she says.В

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Bring in More Texture

Tracey Jazmin

Lighting offers up an opportunity to put the finishing touches on a space in one fell swoop. Need a pop of color? Looking for more texture? Is the room feeling too casual? Opt for a light that not only brightens up your space but also balances out of the design. AsВ Kristina Lynne tells us, she "originally pictured this space with a woven pendant because I was really craving some texture. When I saw the Hideaway fixture from Troy Lighting, I knew it was the perfect compromise. The metal cage, finished in champagne leaf, creates the woven look I was hoping for. It's delicate and welcoming with the softest diffused light, which makes it perfect for an intimate dining space."

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