Under the Weather? Try One of These Hot Toddy Recipes for a Cold

It's officially the time of year when either you or the people close to you start to come down with a cold. One tasty way to deal with the symptoms is to whip up a hot toddy. This Irish cocktail typically calls for hot whiskey, honey, lemon, herbs, and spices, and is thought to diminish your worst cold symptoms. The temperature and honey work to soothe your throat, the dash of whiskey may help put you to sleep, and the vitamin C found in lemon is thought to prevent colds altogether.

Curious to see if this legendary elixir does the trick? Try one of these six hot toddy recipes for a cold next time you come down with the sniffles.

Half Baked Harvest

This Christmas hot toddy recipe contains all the classic ingredients for a soothing seasonal drink. You'll need bourbon, honey, lemon, cinnamon, and just a bit of anise to perfect the concoction. Let the warm beverage ease your cold symptoms as you sip and savor.

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The First Mess

This is no traditional hot toddy recipe for a cold. A ginger majik toddy, this drink calls for Blue Majik powder, a nutrient-dense plant extract known to relieve physical discomfort. It also happens to be a bright lagoon blue. Add a bit of this colorful powder to a mixture made of ginger, coconut oil, lemon juice, and your choice of sweetener for a tasty elixir.

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Fotosearch RM /StockFood

A simple remedy to fight a sore throat, this classic hot toddy recipe calls for just honey, tea, lemon, and either bourbon or whiskey. It couldn't be easier to make. Just steep your tea in hot water, add the rest of the ingredients, and let the drink work its magic.

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Minimalist Baker

This apple cider rooibos hot toddy recipe can be made in one pot in just 15 minutes. The base of this hot toddy is apple cider and rooibos tea. Season the beverage with ground ginger and cinnamon for just the right amount of spice. Then decide whether or not you want to give it a little kick with a shot of bourbon.

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For a bit of extra flavor and flair, make a batch of this apple hot toddy recipe. This one takes the basic ingredients of a typical hot toddy and sweetens the mixture up with a bit of apple liqueur as opposed to the usual whiskey or bourbon. Heat the drink over the stove; then wait for the soothing mix to help you get through your worst cold.

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Minimalist Baker

Spice up your cold medicine routine with this recipe for a chili-cinnamon bourbon hot toddy. Start with a homemade natural sweetener made from maple syrup, red chili peppers, red pepper flakes, and cinnamon. Then add lemon, bourbon, and water for a drink that will clear up your sinuses as it soothes your scratchy throat.

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