These 7 Interior Design Apps Will Make Your Next Home Project Easy


At some stage, we all picture what our dream abode would look like. For me it's:В French doors, parquet flooring, tall ceilings, and a free-standing bathtub-the list could go on. But the truth is, behind every beautiful house, was a renovation of some kind, which often leads to one thing: High-level stress. Even for the most accomplished of stylists, home improvement projects can be overwhelming.

Not only are there are so many factors to consider, but once you've got a perfect idea, managing contractors, paperwork, and countless trips to the store can fast become a nightmare. But thanks to the plethora of interior design apps out there, you can now find the right tools to help you navigate tricky to-do lists and projects. From color scheme brainstorming to 3D renderings, below are some of the best interior design apps on the market right now, that will save you countless hours.

MagicplanВ (Free)

If you're in the business on home renovations, Magicplan lets you create professional floor plansВ starting with a simple picture taken on your phone.В If it's just for a personal project, the app is a great way to shift, add objects, add price lists and tasks all in one master document. You can also export them in different formats so you can share with your contractors easily.

My Measures ($10)

If there's one crucial element of a design project that you don't want to mess up, it's measurements. Informing so many decisions, you want to make it as easy as possible. My Measures is an easy-to-use app that measures objects or distances using augmented reality. Will your new couch fit through the door? An easy question that you can now answer with a few clicks.

Rooomy (Free)

If you're looking for burgeoning dГ©cor trends, Rooomy allows you to visualize how trending furniture will fit into your home, with the ability to convert 2D images into 3D renderings. If you do fall in love with a one-of-a-kind rattan chair (because, how can you resist?) you'll also be provided a direct link to the retailers.

IKEA Place (Free) В

IKEA is a central hub for furniture and interior essentials. Whether you're on the hunt for a sofa or affordable cutlery, chances are your renovation will involve IKEA to some capacity. Thankfully, the Scandi-giant has made furnishing your home easy with their virtual reality app, that provides true-to-scale models to style your home with, before even stepping in store.

Paint My Place (Free)

Looking at a color swatch and painting your walls are completely different, which makes choosing a color theme for your home one of the trickiest parts of any home improvement. If you're looking for a quick way to see whether you're on the right track with your choice, Paint My Place allows you to take a picture of your home, and decorate it with a comprehensive range of shades.

Houzz (Free)

Similar to Pinterest, Houzz goes a step further than interior inspiration (although it's good for that too) by connecting users to an extensive range and number of improvement professionals that can help bring your vision to life.

Pinterest (Free)

While Pinterest has been a long-held staple for any dГ©cor devotee, for introductory inspiration and curation, it still serves its purpose in providing you with an easy-to-use mood board that you have on you at all times. It also allows you to easily share boards with different vendors and create themes for different rooms in the house with ease.В

Homestyler Interior Design (Free)

If you're only beginning to think about an interior refresh, this app is a great start to play with. After taking a picture of the space you want to update, you are then provided with a 3D playground that allows you to change colors, hang artwork and move furniture around. It serves as a great tool for narrowing down your options to what you really want. It also lets you clear out the existing items that are in the picture, so you can see what else to put there.