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7 Holy-Grail Home Products We Discovered Through Our Editors


Some of the best home dГ©cor discoveries we've made in the past few years have been through word-of-mouth. In an office like MyDomaine's, where the watercooler conversation of choice consists of all things home and dГ©cor, it's not surprising that our editors often end up purchasing a lot of the same products. Case in point: Most of us share the same bedding brand, mattress, and even cookware.

Anything from the best candle scents to the softest towels gets meticulously deliberated in brainstorms and meetings. So we decided to give these products their fifteen minutes of fame. We asked our editors to share the home dГ©cor finds that have essentially changed their lives. Was it a certain Wi-Fi speaker, a silky smooth pillowcase, or a life-altering hammock? Behold, our editors' holy-grail home products that they simply can't live without-and you shouldn't either.

Sophie Miura, Senior Editor

Parachute Linen Sheet Set $169Shop

"I've been looking for high-quality linen sheets for a while and just tried a set from Parachute. They are 100% linen and so light and airy-the only thing that makes hot summer nights in NYC a little more bearable (apart from my AC). The color range is also gorgeous. I went with 'fog,' which is a soft gray."

Kelly Gallagher, Social Media Editor

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker $199Shop

"There's hardly a quiet moment in my apartment since getting this speaker-in a good way. It honestly was such a game changer. Before buying this Sonos, we would listen to music through our TV, which doesn't have very good quality and was kind of a hassle, so we'd rarely do it. This speaker is small but mighty-it fills my entire apartment with sound and barely takes up any space. It sits on a bookshelf in the hallway but sounds great in every room. I love that it connects to Spotify through the Sonos app, so when we have people over, they can all add songs to the queue-it's kind of like a jukebox for the modern era."

Gabrielle Savoie, Editor

Matouk Milagro Bath Sheets $78Shop

"I had been hearing people sing the praises of Matouk bath towels for years-so when I was finally ready to pull the trigger, I asked around to find out which ones to buy. Overwhelmingly, people raved about the best-selling Milagro bath sheets, which are extra large, extra plush, and lightweight. They did not disappoint-these towels are like wrapping yourself in a literal cloud. I bought a set in crisp classic white (which are easy to bleach). I've had them for over a year now, and they still feel as plush and wonderful as they did on day one."

Hadley Mendelsohn, Associate Editor

Rituals Woody Vanilla Fragrance Sticks $60Shop

"Once when I was FaceTiming a long-distance friend, he saw a glow in the background and asked me what it was. I looked behind me to the kitchen table in the distance and saw that my candle had caught fire. Not just a large flame, but a full-throttle fire. I was panicking, but he coached me through the process since I didn't yet have an extinguisher (a kitchen towel can do wonders). I loved the smell of this candle and had even replaced it a couple of times over the years, but I was too spooked. Lo and behold, I found this diffuser, which smells just as good and isn't trying to kill me. I have three throughout my house, so I find the scent super comforting and much more low-maintenance."

Megan Beauchamp, Managing Editor

La Siesta Modesta Latte Hammock $75Shop

"My boyfriend and I moved in together right after a trip to Colombia, which heavily influenced how we decorated our living room. We wanted to bring vacation vibes to our space, and an awkward corner gave us the perfect excuse to hang a hammock. It was really important to us to buy a Colombian-made product, so we did some research and decided to purchase ours from La Siesta, a company that's dedicated to supporting Latin American organic cotton farmers and artisans, particularly in Colombia. I can't recommend its hammocks enough! I also highly recommend using a stud finder during the installation process-our first attempt ended with a trip to the hardware store to buy a drywall patch kit."

Kelsey Clark, News Editor

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord Free Vacuum $324Shop

"The Dyson V7 Motorhead is perfect for small spaces-it's lightweight, sleek, cordless, easy to maneuver and store, and it comes with multiple attachments so you can clean every surface. Although the battery does drain pretty quickly, I can easily vacuum my entire two-bedroom apartment in 30 minutes or less (and my arms aren't sore afterward)."

Sacha Strebe, Editorial Director

Shhh Silk Pillowcase $79Shop

"This is really hard. I simply can't name one, as there are so many that I rely on from a practical standpoint and others that are purely for enjoyment. But when it comes to the absolute holy-grail home dГ©cor product I can't live without, it would have to be my bed. From the Tuft and Needle mattress to the Cultiver linen sheets, my Shhh silk pillowcase, and my Dyson air purifier, it's my ultimate sanctuary when I need to escape the world. Okay, so that was more than one product, but it's their powers combined that truly make for a blissful experience each night (and on Sunday mornings, too)."

Christie Calucchia, Editorial Assistant

Voluspa Suede Blanc Candle $16Shop

"No matter how hectic my day has been, I can always count on this candle to turn my room into a sanctuary. I'm instantly calmed and ready to curl up with a good book in bed (which is no easy feat) as soon as I light the wick. Plus, it comes in a mosaic-patterned tin that serves the dual purpose of accessorizing any end table or shelf with its intricate design. I also like to light this candle whenever I'm doing an at-home yoga practice. When I close my eyes, it's just like being in a studio."

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