Happy Artwork to Cheer Up Your Space When the Weather Is Frightful

Bronco, Carlyn Kuhn, RF Alvarez

The world can throw you a curveball at any moment: another horrifying headline, an unexpected bomb cyclone, stepping on a rat on your way to work (yes, if you live in Manhattan, you know this is a real possibility). Between hustling at work, navigating relationships, or taking care of your health, life can wear you down. But if we've learned anything in our short stint on earth, it's that a positive outlook can help us overcome just about anything.

So why not put all chances on our side and give ourselves a few visual cues to stay positive? If art has the power to educate, inspire, and change the world, surely it also has the power to lift us up when we're feeling down? After all, a feng shui expert once warned us to remove negative symbolism in our homes, and The Secret taught us the laws of attraction. If you want to give happy art a try, here is a selection of artwork ideas that are guaranteed to cheer you up.

Williams Eadon "LOL" $125Shop

Let this be a constant reminder to never take life too seriously.В One day, you'll laugh off whatever is bothering you or weighing you down.

Trey Speegle "Be Here Now" $1610Shop

You could be painting by numbers on a Hawaiian beach somewhere, but the best place to be is here and now.

Marc Dennis "Rad, Mad, Glad" $3740Shop

Consider this your reminder to stop and smell the flowers, especially when the flowers are shaped into a giant Mickey Mouse.

Bronco "Magic Moment" $870Shop

Collect those magic moments at home with this constant reminder that life is precious and moments are meant to be ceased.

Kimberly Genevieve "Chocolate for the Win!" $150Shop

Doughnuts make everything better, and that's just fact. So lift your chin up, and have yourself a rainbow-sprinkled, chocolate-icing pick-me-up.

Carlyn Kuhn "Cook Breeze" $160Shop

Let this be a reminder that warmer months are always within reach-soonВ enough, the cool breeze will be a refreshing reminder on a hot summer day.

Sebastiaan Bremer "As His Sons Are Flying" $150Shop

When looking at cats on Instagram fails, revert to a photo of a young boy surrounded by sheep standing in the snowcapped Alps with confettiВ raining down.

Kimberly Genevieve Untitled (Super) $150Shop

When in doubt, remind yourself that everything is going to be super-no matter how bad it seems right now.В

Richard Dunkley "Dive Duo" $980Shop

Is there a more satisfying feeling than plunging into crystal-clear waters on a scorching-hot summer day? A small reminder that the best things in life are free.

Gia Coppola "McDonalds" $110Shop

Those who love McDonald's as much as some people we know will find solace in the knowledge that the golden arches are never far away-they could even be in your living room.

Kimberly Genevieve "Glitter Sandwich Purple" $150Shop

What's better than a nothing burger? Well, a glitter sandwich, of course. A small reminder to always look on the bright side.

Alex Farnum "Bargain Basement" $150Shop

Because few things in life are better than scoring a total bargain, remind yourself that it's the little things that count.

Floyd P. Stanley "Bust a Move" $150Shop

A constant reminder that you can always trick yourself into being happy if you bust a move. Dancing can heal the deepest of wounds.

Ben Skinner "This Time Next Year" $3500Shop

A lot can happen in a year. There's always hoping that today's sorrows will soon be yesterday's faint memory.

RF Alvarez "The Sun, the Breeze, the Smell of Lemon and Olive Oil" $1200Shop

If the sun, the breeze, and the smell of lemon and olive oil aren't synonymous with the good life, we don't know what is.