These Stunning Colors Will Transform Your Dining Room

Sometimes, even when we are almost done with decorating our dining room, the dГ©cor just feelsВ off. We know we've made the right furniture choices, but the finished room just doesn't compare to the initial dining room ideas pinned in our inspiration boards. Most of us are already in a crunch to get our decoratingВ done beforeВ the end of year parties-so how do weВ quickly fix a dГ©cor without having to worry about shipping timelines and delays?

Sometimes, all a space needs is a lick of paint.

Painting a room may seem like a lot of work, but it's much less difficult than replacingВ bulky dining room furniture with long lead times.

Besides, with services like Paintzen, the work can be done for you in a matter of hours-all you have to do is pick the right dining room paint colors. This is where we come in: We've picked out 12 uniqueВ trending paint colors that will bring your dinner party to life. From warm, welcoming hues to cool dark tones and trusted neutrals, these are the swatches you'll want to pick up from the hardware store.

Warm Tones

Courtesy of Wrede Benjamin Moore Porcelain $37Shop

This new color by Benjamin Moore is an almost gray, dusty pink tone that looks moody and modern, especially when paired with a contrasting trim color.

Benjamin Moore Dinner Party $37Shop

The name says it all. This trending color for 2017 by Benjamin Moore is perfect for the dining room-use it with pinks and marigolds for a modern look.

Serena & Lily Pink Eraser $48Shop

Serena & Lily's pink color is a soft and sweet shade that looks best with warm camel tones and other dramatic neutrals.

Sherwin-Williams Brandywine $35Shop

This warm color is part of Sherwin-Williams's trend report for 2017. Pair it with black, white, camel, and cognac tones to create a rich, neutral haven.

Cool Hues

Christopher Patey for MyDomaine Benjamin Moore Sea Life $37Shop

This otherworldly color is a deep purple gray that strikes the right balance between cool and warm tones. It transitions from day to night beautifully.

Benjamin Moore Sea Star $37Shop

One of Benjamin Moore's trending colors for 2017, this blue-gray is a great color used on its own or to highlight trim in a more neutral room.

Benjamin Moore Salamander $37Shop

This striking pick is Benjamin Moore's newest forest green tone-a color that pairs well with crisp white marble and polished brass.

Farrow & Ball Yeabridge Green $99Shop

This rich tone is reminiscent of an Old World library and looks fantastic in a home with dramatic crown moldings. Pair it with deep aqua tones to give it a fresh spin.

Trusted Neutrals

Courtesy of Ben Pentreath Sherwin-Williams Acier $35Shop

A mid-range warm gray, this Sherwin-Williams tone is cozy but modern-the perfect mood for a dining room.

Farrow & Ball Pitch Black $99Shop

Not for the faint of heart,В Farrow & Ball's true black looks great as a half wall or full one.

Sherwin-Williams Stardew $35Shop

An almost blue-gray color, this Sherwin-Williams tone is a great color to try as a half-wall or to create a monochrome theme on walls, moldings, trims, and the ceiling.

Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone $99Shop

This Farrow & Ball staple is a rich, warm gray that will add moodiness to your dining room. Use it on the doors and trimmings as well to create a modern, uniform look.

This story was originally published on December 1, 2016, and has since been updated.