7 Recipes for the Avocado-Egg Obsessed

Avocado-egg is the unofficial power couple of ingredients, so when we hear about a meal that includes both of them, our taste buds start tingling. Consider the breakfast taco, for example. Thanks to the egg and avocado filling, the dish meets your nutritional needs, tastes delicious, and is still super easy to make. If you like what you hear (and taste), there are plenty more recipes where that came from.

After all, why limit yourself to one avocado-meets-egg delight when you can make a range of dishes like these for every meal? Pack in the protein, flavor, and variety with grain bowls, sandwiches, and pastas (yes, pastas) that all call for both avocados and eggs. We've rounded up four recipes that fit the bill, including a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner option. Bon appГ©tit!

Tacos for Breakfast

Foodie Crush

Not only are these shredded beefВ breakfast tacos from Foodie Crush delicious, they also take aВ maximum of 30 minutes to cook up. Sound too good to be true? It's not; we promise. While this recipe allows you use prepared beef, you can also roast a brisket for your beef filling, if you preferВ to make your foodВ from scratch. When it comes time to add the eggs, the taco is your metaphorical oyster. Scramble your egg or prepare it sunny-side up. It's a winning meal either way.В

Avo Toast for a Snack

Half Baked Harvest

This Mediterranean-inspired avocado toast with pistachio dukkahВ is about to blow your average avocado and egg toast out the water. The recipe fromВ Half Baked HarvestВ is both unique and healthy, so you can have your avocado egg toast and eat it too. Prepare itВ asВ a snack or a fullВ meal. Either way, the lemony touch will make this dishВ very refreshing. For the healthiest resultsВ (and tastiest, in our opinion), use high-quality whole grain bread.В

Farro Bowl for Lunch

Local Milk Blog

A farro bowl with avocado and eggsВ can be elevated when topped off with a sumac miso vinaigrette. But don't let those fancy-sounding ingredients scare you off. The recipe is super easy to follow, and it's a great meal option for a casual lunch. This recipe is fromВ Local Milk Blog, so you know you'll be getting the best of the best. The miso adds a nice kick of flavor, so if you love Japanese foods as much as you love brunch, here's your newВ favorite dish.В Like the previous recipe, this one is also vegetarian friendly, and it can be vegan, too, if you exclude the egg.В

Pasta for Dinner

I Am a Food Blog

While breakfast tacos, toasts, and bowls may seem like a more obvious dishes that call onВ both eggs and avocados, there's actually a whole host of others that are just as tasty and aВ little bit more innovative. For example, you can branch out from the classics and try making this avocado and egg pastaВ fromВ I Am a Food Blog. This warm, wholesome dish is the perfect way to end your avocado-egg marathon, and we hope you'll forgive usВ for not being able to find a good dessert option to top off your thematicВ eating.

If you have your own avocado egg recipe, feel free to share it in the comments!

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