4 Things Successful People Do After a Long Weekend


The Tuesday morning after a long weekend can give you a worse case of the Mondays than usual, even with a short week ahead. After three luxurious days away from emails, meetings, and deadlines, getting back in a productive mindset proves to be a bit of challenge.В Thanks to a fleeting weekend of relaxation, socializing, and snoozing well past your usual daily alarm, there are a number of factors contributing to your post-long weekend rut.

While it may be tempting to spend your first day back in the office lookingВ at photos, scrolling through social media feeds, and giving in to distractions, there are a few things you can do to kick-start your productivity (even if you're still daydreaming about sliding back into bed).

It's all about getting organized and adjusting your mindset, according to a few professionals who know a thing or two about getting things done at work. In order to figure out how to recover from a long weekend, Time tapped CEOs, managers, and founders for their best advice. Here's how they go back to work after an indulgent, long weekend away from it all.

They show up early

Andrea Keating, founder and CEO of Crew Control, a video production company, recommends getting your day started early. “Try and go in a few hours early on your first day and catch up prior to the actual start of the day,” she tells Time. As unpleasant as setting your alarm for an even earlier start time than usual after a weekend of sleeping in, having a chance to get yourself organized and prepared before the day picks up will help you get back in the swing of things and make you feel more in control of your day.

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They don't start with email

Tackling an inbox full of requests and new tasks first thing in the morning will only slow you down, according to Gay Gaddis, head of marketing technology company T-3. “I think the biggest mistake someone can make in the morning after a long weekend is to sit at his or her computer and respond to emails because it doesn't set a good pace for the rest of the day,” she says. Instead, start checking off items from your to-do list. You'll start to feel more productive right away, which will set the tone for your day.

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They get creative

One way to regain your focus after a long weekend is to work creatively. “Identify the project or initiative that you are most passionate about,” Keating suggests. By working collaboratively on tasks that force you to use your imagination, you'll kick-start your stream-of-conscious thought process which can make working come a bit more naturally. That means get brainstorming or hold a team meeting to talk through an upcoming project.

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They have a good attitude

As difficult as it is to not spend the dayВ begrudging your job for keeping you away from the beach and under fluorescent lights, Allison O'Kelly, founder of Mom Corps, recommends doing your best to have a positive outlook. “We often think of work and the rest of our lives as opposing forces, which makes it hard to get back into a 'work' frame of mind after a holiday,” she explains.В Although it's easier said than done, switching your outlook from resentment to appreciation can help you be more productive and feel less sluggish at work post long weekend.В

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While there's no quick fix to the Tuesday blues, these tips will have you getting back in the swing of things before you know it.В Get back on track with these productivity essentials.

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