The Paint Colors You'll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2020, According to Behr

While 2020 may seem eons away, designers and tastemakers are already looking to the future and calling the upcoming trends set to blow up next year. Case in point, paint company Behr just released its 2020 Color Trends palette, which is comprised of 15 unique shades of paint they predict will be embraced by design enthusiasts next year.

The 15 colors are broken down into three stories, dubbed Worldhood, Restore, and Atmospheric. Each story has its own color scheme informed by Behr's global color trend research. According to the findings, the year 2020 will be defined by soothing tones from oranges and pinks to blues and greens in both warm and cool hues. The colors are meant to offer restorative balance to the interiors they coat in a bid to promote health and wellness through the decorative medium.

"Each color in the 2020 Color Trends palette evokes an organic beauty that resonates with both modern and traditional commercial environments, from renovated industrial office spaces to hospitality venues," Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr says in a press release.

While the hues are neutral enough for commercial spaces, they're also ideal for the home. "As residential and commercial trends continue to blend, this eclectic palette of balanced neutrals, earthy greens, lavish oranges and more will offer professional designers and DIYers an opportunity to transform spaces into experiences that not only enhance the aesthetic of an environment but impact how people feel," Woelfel adds.

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Courtesy of Behr

From bold shades of orange and yellow to warm pink and taupe hues, Worldhood is all about creating inviting spaces. More specifically, Behr recommends that these paint colors be used in the hospitality industry (think restaurants and hotels). According to the paint brand, these types of businesses will be drawn to the warm earth tones. Of course, that's not to say you couldn't use these bright earth tones in your home if you're drawn to them.

Behr Rumba Orange $37ShopBehr Charismatic $37ShopBehr Bubble Shell $37ShopBehr Cider Spice $37ShopBehr Red Pepper $37Shop


Courtesy of Behr

As the name of this color story suggests, these shades are meant to promote restorative energy. The palette is comprised of blue and green hues that feel directly pulled from nature, which is exactly what the paint experts at Behr were going for. They picked these colors, which are reminiscent of the earth and sky, in order to offer a peaceful experience wherever they're used. While they would work in just about any home, the paint company suggests using these colors in healthcare and hospitality environments as well.

Behr Secret Meadow $37ShopBehr Back to Nature $37ShopBehr Light Drizzle $37ShopBehr Bluebird $37ShopBehr Dragonfly $37Shop


Courtesy of Behr

A sophisticated palette, the Atmospheric color story combines pastels like lilac and light pink with neutral hues of white, gray, and charcoal for a contrasting collection of paint colors. The team at Behr advises that these shades be used in multifamily or other commercial spaces. They predict that people will enjoy the natural atmosphere created by these hues in both modern and traditional environments.

Behr Dusty Lilac $37ShopBehr Creamy Mushroom $37ShopBehr Painter's White $37ShopBehr Battleship Gray $37ShopBehr Graphic Charcoal $37Shop

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