Would You Dine at Europe's First Underwater Restaurant? See the Inside


If you've ever wanted to dine under the sea, now's your chance. Nestled at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline is Under, Europe's first completely underwater restaurant. The space functions as a restaurant as well as a "research center for marine life," which is a "tribute to the Norwegian coast and to the municipality of Lindesnes," reports Trendland.

The restaurant, which is half sunken into the sea, rests directly on the seabed five meters below the water's surface. Meter-thick concrete walls make up the restaurant's structure and were built to withstand the immense pressure and shock from the sea conditions. The coarse surface of the concrete is also ideal for mussels to cling to, and the designers hope that, in time, it will flourish into a full artificial reef and attract even more marine life.

Inside, guests can read about the local marine biodiversity and coastline as they walk into the restaurant before they descend one floor to the champagne bar.В Another floor below lies the dining area, which is just above the seabed. The menu will feature locally sourced seafood, including cod, mussels, lobster, and kelp, adds Lonely Planet. Naturally, the design of the restaurant matches the seascape surrounding it, and the color palette even darkens as guests get closer and closer to the seabed.

Step inside Europe's first underwater restaurant below.

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