Apparently, There's a Psychological Formula for Becoming a Morning Person


If you crawl out of bed every morning bleary eyed-and needing a latte the size of your head-you're not alone. But here's the good news for morning yawners: According to Inc., there's now a science-backed solution for those of us who struggle in the A.M. Behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings shared a seven-step formula with the Daily Mail that she says will turn anyone into a morning person. The best bit? It's super easy. Read on for some of her hacks.

Sleep on the Left Side of the Bed

As it turns out, waking up on the wrong side of the bed is actually a thing. Apparently those who slumber on the left are likely to be 10% more cheerful; right-side sleepers tend to be more pessimistic. (If you have a partner who sleeps on the right, that might explain why they're such a grump before 9 a.m.)

Take an Ice-Cold Shower

This isn't the most appealing thought (especially in winter), but a freezing shower could give you just the energy boost-and brainpower-you need. Not only that, it's also likely to give your metabolism a kick. If you can't face a total chill, try an ice-cold blast for a few seconds at the end of your shower.

Wear Something Yellow

Yellow is the colour of happiness and a guaranteed mood booster-it's been used for centuries to cheer people up. It's even said to help ease seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that reoccurs each year during fall and winter due to lack of sun. Try wearing some sunshine-yellow pyjamas to bed, or throw on a bright yellow shirt for the office; it'll give you just the zing you need.

Head over to Inc. for the rest of the formula, then see coffee-free tips to help you stay awake at work.