A Celebrity Organization Expert's Tips for Decluttering Kids' Rooms

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Keeping a child's room tidy is no easy feat. No matter your home's general upkeep standards or your superb room-cleaning skills, when it comes to kids' bedrooms, none of the rules apply. In an instant, methodical organization can turn into an explosion of toys and children's books. Neatly folded clothes find new homes on the floor, strewn about among toy cars, dolls, and puzzle pieces. If you're a parent looking to bring order to your child's room-a space destined for disorder-consider the following decluttering tips to straighten up kids' rooms once and for all.

Parenting tapped celebrity organization and storage expert Emma Gordon of Clutter.com. Gordon has worked with celebrities from Neil Patrick Harris to Bryce Dallas Howard to Whitney Port to bring order to the most chaotic of spaces and keep them in tip-top shape long after everything has been put back in its place. Keep scrolling to read some of her top tips.

Create a toy rotation bin. "The simple truth behind organizing anything is that the more stuff you own, the more time you need to maintain that stuff," says Gordon. When it comes to toys, store away ones your child isn't "into" at the moment, and hide them out of sight. Keep the toys that have already accumulated in rotation to save yourself space and the dreaded headache of picking them up again and again. After a while, bring out the stored toys, and rotate in-use toys out. Your child will be elated with newfound oldies but goodies, and you'll be able to curate a manageable collection without tossing anything out.

Use picture labels on toy bins. Make cleaning fun and interactive for your little one by making organization age-appropriate. Create picture labels for your toy bins by printing out photos online or making drawings if you're feeling creative. "It's much easier for young kids to match things visually, and when the image is bright and appealing, putting away toys can turn into a captivating game," says Gordon.

Paint shadows for oversize toys. For large oversize toys like miniature cars and yoga balls, paint shadows on the ground or on the wall to show where they're to be put away. "First, put all the toys in their place, then trace an outline of each toy (scooter, rocking horse, full-size dolly, etc.) with a pencil on the wall, then paint inside the outline," advises Gordon. "Then, when it's time to tidy up, putting away those bigger toys feels more like completing a puzzle."

Once everything's in its place, take the time to discover beautiful decorating inspiration for kids' rooms.